Kimberly Smith


b. 1986, HK.


Kimberly Smith


Kimberly Smith was born in Aurora Colorado and raised in Dallas Texas. Nothing about her life has ever been simple or easy. She was raised by a single parent who was visually impaired. Kimberly always had an active imagination. This creative imagination led her to a life of crime. Eventually, she was caught and served time in federal prison for a white-collar offense. It was during that time that she regained her love of reading and writing

Kimberly’s experiences throughout her life have shaped who she is, and she is grateful for her “federal vacation.” Without it, she would not have known of her illnesses and would not be alive today. She has survived two types of cancer. She thanks God for giving her a second chance to dig deep and understand what life is all about.

Kimberly enjoys snacking on gummy bears and flaming hot Cheeto’s while creating stories and enjoying life with her family and friends in her home, in Dallas Texas or in Springfield Missouri.