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Breathing Life Into Characters

Telling a story can be a lot of work. Knowing just what words to use to paint a picture in the reader's mind takes skill and practice. When creating characters, you must remember to make them as real as possible. They need depth.

To do this, I start with a basic list of questions that help me get to know this new character. Once I've answered these questions, I begin to ask more in-depth questions so that I not only have a physical image of the character in my mind but also so that I understand what motivates this character's decisions and choices.

No character should be perfect. I then create flaws in their personality that makes them more real. By the time I've completed their detailed character profile, I know them almost as well as I know myself.  They still surprise me from time to time when I'm writing their stories, but that makes them all the more endearing.

Soon I will be posting a YouTube video "Getting to know Perry and Felicia." These are the hero and heroine of my next book The Wreight Hook-Up. You can watch it on my website:

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