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Creating a new language for my Vampire series

I've just finished book 2 of my Vampire Romance Adventure series, New King. When I started the series with New Hope, I knew that I wanted the Vampire characters to speak in a tongue native to them. What I didn't plan for was needing to translate that language for my readers. I initially thought I would have a sentence here or there spoken in Vampireese, but as it turns out the character speak more in their language than I was anticipating. 

I'm having fun with it. The hard part is that I have to remember to write down the words and the meanings of those words. As the story builds, I can see more and more instances where the vampires will speak in their native tongue in order for the humans to not understand what is being said about them.

I hope that my new language popping up in the books will not discourage my readers from wanting to learn more about the vampires. I will print the translation to whatever is spoken in Vampirees in English as well. It would be fun if I ever got to a point of writing an entire book in my made up language without having to translate it because my readers have learned the language along with me. 

I realize that I may sound a bit crazy, but I haven't slept for the past twenty-four, maybe I just need a nap. I love what I do so much that it's hard for me to stop, even to sleep. Ni sedi wros (I need sleep)