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Distinguishing yourself ...

There are so many authors self-publishing and selling their work as eBooks that you could get lost in the shuffle. How do you distinguish yourself from the millions of other books on the market or in your particular genre?

I write interracial romance, mystery, and paranormal stories. These niches are overflowing with books. There are many new books published every day. In the beginning, I didn't consider any of the ramifications of just publishing my work without making myself stand out from the crow. 

I copied the style of other author's book covers, hoping that I would get attention. It worked to a point but eventually, I found that I was getting lost in the same look and feel of other's books.

If you want to stand apart from the crowd and become noticed, you need to make sure that your book covers are as unique as your stories. You need to try to be consistent and carry the style through your book covers, series, genre or niche.

A year after publishing my first book, I have defined my brand's style and will be revealing my new cover designs in the next few weeks.